SSL Cert

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – it enables encryption of sensitive data that is supplied through your website including contact forms, password creation and probably most important is the encryption of credit card details at online checkouts.

It also verifies the website owner is who they say they are, so for example of you visit PayPal their cert will tell you that the site you are visiting is the genuine PayPal website and not a fake site.

The use of SSL certs tells users to your website that their data is protected, it most definitely leads to further sales if you are an online Ecommerce store as it ensures the buyer that all data entered on the site is safe and protected.

A new development which benefits website owners is the Google announcement that using SSL security on your website will give you a benefit in terms of search engine rankings. For now the benefit will be small but it is hoped that that will grown and benefit websites who use an SSL cert in a much bigger way in the future.

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